Biden to Call Out Turkey on 1915 Armenia 'Genocide'

US president Joe Biden is expected to formally recognise the killing of Armenians by Turkey in 1915 as "genocide", US officials have told the AP news agency, in a potential rift with Nato ally and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who denies it.
Biden might do it in a speech on Armenia's Day of Remembrance on 24 April, AP said, after over 100 congressmen urged him to "tell the truth".
The designation for the World War I-era killings would further fray US relations with Turkey, but it is a risk the president appears willing to take to further human rights, officials said as quoted by NYT on Thursday.
As Biden is expected to become first US president to recognize Armenian genocide, Turkey’s top diplomat issued a statement

on Tuesday, cautioning US President not to move ahead with the move. /