Challenging Kurti's Refusal Kosovo Opposition Calls on Albania's PM to Help Citizens with COVID Vaccines

In a clear furious gesture of split with the government, opposition in Kosovo has pleaded to Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama to go on with the vaccination of Kosovars which was refused last Monday by government head of Pristina Albin Kurti.
Deputy Chairman of the Democrat Party of Kosovo (PDK) Xhavit Haliti addressed a public call to the Prime Minister, Edi Rama to open several vaccination centers for all citizens of Kosovo.
Unlike Prime Minister Albin Kurti, Haliti said on Wednesday that institutions in Kosovo are neglecting to provide the vaccine while the country is suffering severely from the pandemic.
He urged Rama to act as soon as possible in the case of Kosovo health workers being vaccinated in Kukës.
"Dear brother Edi, Prime Minister of Albania, given the dire situation in Kosovo with the COVID-19 pandemic, and on the other hand, the negligence of the country's institutions to provide the vaccine, I call for the opening of several vaccination centers for all the citizens of Kosovo," said Haliti.
PDK's number two himself says that he wants to get any vaccine that the Albanians of Albania are getting.
"I want to be vaccinated with any vaccine that my compatriots in Albania are getting vaccinated. And, like me, there are many in Kosovo. Prime Minister, please help us to pass this challenge that has hit humanity," PDK Deputy head Haliti said.
Prime Minister Albin Kurti has said that because Kosovo is not recognized by many countries, including Russia and China, they don’t have the comfort of accepting vaccines from all over, like some countries are doing.
“Our orientation is European and Euro-Atlantic, (in close relations) with countries that recognize us, that’s why we have our hesitations and skepticism, but also our clear position towards different offers that might reach us from non-recognizer countries or from outside Europe,” Kurti told journalists on Monday. Being on the same wavelength
Health Minister Arben Vitia said that the decision was also based on lack of assurances by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) about the safety of the Russian and Chinese vaccines. /