Cocaine from Ecuador, Weapons Caches Seized in Albania

A considerable amount of narcotics has been seized in the port of Durres, the largest seaport of Albania on the Adriatic sea. Police sources said on Saturday that a container suspected of coming from Ecuador has been blocked.
Some 200 packages of suspected narcotic  substances such as cocaine were allegedly found inside the container.
The administrator of ‘Masabi Fruits’, Erjon Peti was quoted by News24 TV speaking about the container with 140 kg of cocaine seized in the port of Durrës.
Peti said police had arrested his partner Klajd Xibraku who is also his cousin. He said he understood nothing as he had nothing to do with the event.
In another event, the Tirana Police announced on the seizure of a weapons depot in the capital, which was owned by the citizen Sokol Xhura.
Police on Saturday stated that 2 other weapons caches were discovered which served for the modification, storage and sale of combat weapons by criminal groups that committed crimes against the person.
During the action, Tirana police seized 50 automatic rifles, 1 high precision rifle (Sniper), 1 sniper rifle, 1 antitank, 19 anti-aircraft guns, machine guns (2 heavy and 1 light ones), military equipment, thousands of bullets of various calibers, 24 antitank shells, 1 box of tritol explosives, 100 different grenades, 6 kilograms of C4 explosives, 7 pistol firearms of various models, 53 rifles model 10 and parts for repair and modification of firearms.
According to evidence, there is an increased criminal activity of various kinds in Albania but police is reluctant to confirm that it is happening against the background of the electoral campaign of April 25 poll but previous experience has shown that criminal circles have tried to make use of the tense political situation in Albania.