Confirming Loyalty to SMI, Deputy Head Rama Declares There’s None as Vlora in Albania

The deputy chairman of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), Luan Rama has rejected the hearsay whereby he would join the Socialist Party (SP) after the April 25 general elections in an electoral rally in the southern city of Vlora on Saturday. He said that SMI is determined for its victory and that he feels respected and honored for the work done in 7 months for the revival of that political force.
Luan Rama emphasized that he is one of the 12 names, equal among equals, in the list of candidates running for deputies mentioning all in turn and highlighting their qualities.
There was also a statement about the latest attacks against SMI. "They have attacked us, they have slandered us, they have tried to humiliate and divide us but they could not succeed and they will not succeed because the SMI is not a party of names, it is a party of hearts."
"Beautiful Vlora, Vlora, the heart of Albania, is all here today, united under the flag of Albania. Honorable chairwoman of the SMI (Monika Kryemadhi), it is good that you have come to Vlora and today we are all together with heart and soul determined for the victory of the SMI. Sisters and brothers of Vlora, I am undoubtedly the most excited of all. I am undoubtedly very respected and honored to be with you today, to confirm an extraordinary work with spirit, with passion, with determination that we have done in 7 months to re-establish the SMI from the beginning with the wonderful boys and girls of Vlora,” he said.
In addition, Luan Rama noted that all the SMI team is the expression of spiritual cohesion, of civic values, of intellectual wealth, of the passion to serve Vlora and Albania, with the aim that Vlora is first, Albania is first.

In conclusion Luan Rama said they would be united on April 25 to overthrow the ugliest mix of pseudo-dictatorship of the renaissance clique declaring that there is no other like Vlora and he is at its service all his life. /