"Defender Europe 21"

As First US Military Ship Arrives in Durres Troops Start Landing
The first American military ship "USAV MG CHARLES" arrived in the port of Durrës, the largest in the western Albania, and the landing of the first military troops and the logistics that will be used for the "Defender Europe 21" exercise, one of the largest US military exercises in Europe, is already underway.
This exercise, hosted by Albania, will be led by the US Army Command in Europe and will take place from May 1 to June 14 this year and will be extended to several countries in the Balkans and the Black Sea.
It will be attended by over 17,000 American troops and another 14,000 forces from 26 NATO member countries.
According to the Ministry of Defense, 4,000 American soldiers will be stationed in Albania and the rest will be relocated in neighboring countries.
Tanket amerikane zbarkojnë në Durrës, 8 mijë trupa | A news24
As local media reported on Saturday, piers No. 1, 2, 3 of the Port of Durres will be available for this exercise.
To see closely the ongoing preparations, Albania was visited by the Deputy Commander of the US Army in Europe and Africa, Major General Joseph F. Jarrard on February 3, 2021 and Defense Minister Niko Peleshi acquainted him with the preparations undertaken by this Balkan country assuring him of the readiness of all structures of the Albanian state in order to successfully carry out the exercise "Defender Europe 21".

“For months, the Albanian military personnel has been engaged in the identification, monitoring and implementation on the ground of every obligation that arises from this training," said on that occasion. He considered the development of training in the country as a clear sign of US trust in the Albanian people. /argumentum.al