Dispute 'Becchetti vs Rama' Against Backdrop of Albania's Rising Political Confrontation ahead of April 25 Poll

Editor's note

The loss of the Albanian side in the dispute with the Italian entrepreneur Francesco Becchetti mregarding the compensation requested by him for the closure of "Agon" television in 2015 has sparked a harsh debate on the country's political scene becoming another battle front between PM Edi Rama, President Ilir Meta and opposition.
This happens on the eve of the April 25 general elections being held against the backdrop of the deadly pandemic which continues its fearful spread despite the chaotic launch of the anti- Covid vaccination.
In harsh tone President Ilir Meta emphasized that he has long warned the government to give up arrogance and withdraw from abusive decisions. Meta stressed in a post on FB on Friday that only for the personal whims and caprices of Prime Minister Edi Rama, who according to him hates the freedom of the media, Albania is now obliged to pay 110 million euros.
Among other things, President called on the Special Prosecution Authority, SPAK, to urgently launch criminal investigations into this great economic damage caused to the state and which will unfortunately be paid with the money of all Albanian taxpayers.
"I have long warned the Government still in office to give up arrogance and withdraw from any abusive decision outside the legal proceedings against foreign investors in our country. Only for the personal whims and caprices of the Prime Minister, who also hates the freedom of media, Albania is already obliged to pay 110 million euros," said Meta.
For his part, the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha has listed the event as another failure of the Prime Minister Edi Rama in 8 years of his governance. Referring to the decision on Agon TV, Basha wrote that the personal war of Edi Rama will cost the Albanians 110 million euros, 4560 lek for each Albanian.
But Prime Minister Rama has reacted regarding the lawsuit that Albania lost against the Italian entrepreneur, Francesco Becchetti, while he has also returned a response to President Ilir Meta.
In a Twitter post, Rama described Meta's reaction as disgusting.
According to Rama, Albania has won three of the four international lawsuits against this stuntman and the battle continues. Among other things, he emphasized that the charlatanian joy of the crazy President and of the party for power is infecting Albanians every day.
A PM that doesn't admit the fatal loss of millions of euros which for the impoverished Albanians mean a lot, a president and opposition which denounce this latest blow on country's economy and a people divided and confused politically. This is the picture presented by this Balkan country which despite 30 years after the fall of communism has not found the path of genuine democracy and pluralism to improve the living conditions of the people whose youth speeds up the rush to leave the country!
The latest string of political events and the economic and social situation are a worrisome warning for the days ahead to April 25.