DP Activist Shot in Kavaja, President and Opposition Condemn the Incident

An official of the opposition Democratic Party (DP) was shot inside party's electoral campaign office in Kavaje, 25 kilometers from Tirana on Monday evening.
Police stated that Ndriçim Jonuzi (Tahiri)
entered the premises and shot the DP secretary of Kavaja branch, Bledar Okshtuni, 27 with a gun, and that they are looking for the offender who fled the scene.
Police have declared three people wanted, who are accused of intentionally inflicting serious injuries, committed in collaboration
Thus, as reported, in addition to Ndriçim Jonuzi, who shot Okshtuni in the leg with a pistol, 29-year-olds Dorjan Troplini and Markel Shtylla have also been declared wanted.
Troplini and Shtylla were the first to start the quarrel. They entered the DP electoral office and punched the Democratic secretary. Afterwards, Jonuzaj went and shot him with a pistol, leaving him injured.
President Ilir Meta met with the injured secretary of the Democratic Party of Kavaja branch around 2:00 after midnight on Tuesday.
After the meeting, Meta called on the Prosecution and the police to investigate the case in an interview with the journalists present.
"I could not but visit Bledar who was wounded treacherously and in the most provocative way in the electoral office of the Democratic Party in Kavaja by Rilindja militants and directors of the municipality of Kavaja. Fortunately it is out of danger for life and we hope that he gets over this situation in a few days," he said.
President urged the police and the prosecution to act immediately and bring to justice not only the perpetrator but also the structured group. "This is organized by the electoral headquarters of Rilindja in Kavaja, it is not accidental," said Meta.
Speaking from Kavaja, Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha called the event an “attack against democracy”, and urged for the ousting of the government through election this weekend.
Grida Dume, an opposition MP candidate in the region, said the attack had political motives and three people stood behind it, all supporters of the ruling Socialist Party.
The ruling Socialist Party called on authorities to investigate the case swiftly. Prime Minister Edi Rama condemned the crime and urged the opposition not to politicize the case on Monday evening.
The shooting happened a few days ahead of April 25 general elections in Albania where other incidents were reported. /argumentum.al