DP Holds Responsible PM Rama for Failure of Electronic Voting of Diaspora

"Edi Rama is a failure in every direction. After 8 years of promises, he failed to give Albanian emigrants the constitutional right to vote in the country where they live," this is what a statement released by the opposition Democratic Party (DP) said on Thursday.
The registration of Albanian citizens living abroad is the exclusive responsibility of the government and PM Edi Rama did not intentionally fulfill it, said DP which accused  the current majority for its propagandistic use of Diaspora during its governance. "For 8 years in a row, Rama used immigrants and the Diaspora for propaganda and for abusing public funds. The end result was the deception and disappointment of over 1 million Albanians in the Diaspora."
The lectronic voting of Albanian citizens living abroad has always become a point of discussion of political forces with none of them giving a solution to the controversial issue.
"When the Democratic Party comes to power tomorrow, it will make possible the electronic voting for every Albanian citizen, inside and outside the country. By electronic voting we fulfill our commitment to Albanians in the Diaspora to exercise their constitutional right to vote from where they live," said the statement.

In conclusion the DP called on immigrants coming to Albania to vote on April 25 general elections because all together would make a difference. /argumentum.al