DP’s Basha Confident ‘Alliance for Change’ Is Winner of Sunday’s Elections in Albania

The leader of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha in a statement for the media on Monday called on the Socialist Party not to block the counting of votes when in Albania the first unofficial results declare the current majority as the winner of the elections securing a third term.

Basha stated that the open boxes so far belong to the areas known as SP strongholds and the loss in these areas is deep for the ruling party.

"As we know, all the first centers that are counted are centers, which are determined by the ruling party and historically favor the ruling party. Having said that, the Socialist party has deeply lost the number of votes counted in Tirana, in the closed areas in Përmet, in Këlcyrë, in Memaliaj, wherever these boxes were opened, which were actually marked, ”said Basha.

As counting is over in 1,203 voting centers out of a total of 5,199 across this Balkan country the ‘rose’ color, Socialist symbol, is dominant with some northernmost regions in blue representing the DP. According to unofficial results of CEC on Monday morning SP leads with over 50% in 8 regions in central and southern Albania while it is the most dominant in Durrës and Vlora where it has over 67 and 61% of votes.

DP-SMI seem to have an advantage in the North of the country. The two parties together have an advantage in the regions of Shkodra, Lezha, Kukes and Dibra. After projecting the Socialist Party as the sure winner of the elections in Tirana with a margin of 75 to 77 deputies across the country, Prime Minister Edi Rama who seems to have been waiting for dawn posted a photo of the sunrise over Tirana in social networks on Monday. "What a dawn in Tirana," wrote Rama.

But as DP’s Basha said on Monday what is clear as the light of day is that while they have been punished in what they considered bastions the opposition expects the vote for change to continue and the victory of the Alliance for Change to be confirmed throughout the country.

"The victory of the Alliance for Change is indisputable, the victory of Albania will belong to every Albanian," concluded Basha. /argumentum.al