DP’s Basha Confident in Massive Support of Shkodra Citizens in Sunday’s Elections

"Eight years of unfulfilled promises, poverty, oppression, corruption and gangs will end. You have always led change, you will lead victory. The government of the April 25 elections will belong to all Albanians. Only 12 hours separate us from electoral silence, two days and 12 hours separate us from victory. As the water of Buna does not stop flowing, you do not stop your work- the voting for the change that will come to Shkodra, Vlora, Korca, Durres, Tirana and all of Albania. Shkodra is the leader of democracy and victory, the time is coming to show this," declared the chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha in the closing electoral rally in the northern city of Shkodra on Friday.

Basha told the DP supporters that these elections will be the greatest and the most beautiful victory because it will belong to every Shkodra resident and all Albanians without exception.

"The government after April 25 will be the government of Shkodra and Vlora, Korca and Durres and I will be the prime minister of all Albanians,” he said, adding that Sunday’s vote will remove Edi Rama forever from the political scene.

Basha promised to the citizens of Shkodra, a DP stronghold, to develop the city and its economy, to create jobs, to increase salaries and develop culture, knowledge and art bringing them back to the high pedestal of Shkodra, which rises majestically in all the shining chapters of Albania’s national history.

"You know that there is no force to stop the will of Albanians for change. We have never been so many before, so full of confidence, so determined, so united for the change that is coming," said the DP head, who will conclude the electoral campaign in Tirana on Friday evening.

Ruling Socialist Party and the opposition Socialist Movement for Integration held the closing rallies in Tirana on Thursday evening with the respective leaders promising their supporters victory in the April 25 parliamentary elections in Albania. As usual Saturday is the ‘electoral silence’ one day before the launch of the voting process on Sunday at 7 o’clock in the morning. /argumentum.al