DP's Basha Eyes Gov't without Ex-Ministers, No Second Mandate If Pledges Aren't Fullfilled

Former ministers and other senior members of the past governments will not be part of the cabinet that Democratic Party (DP) head Lulzim Basha aims at forming after his wishful victory in the April 25 general elections in Albania.
"In my government there will be no cabinet members, who have served in the past," was the breaking news unveiled by Basha in an interview on News24 TV on Monday.
Basha himself has held many ministerial posts when DP was in power with Sali Berisha as government head including the portfolios of Foreign Minister and Interior Minister.
Basha's "strong" revelations as analysts considered what he said on Monday publicly was that if pledges of DP's 'plan' are not fullfilled he would not ask for a second mandate.
According to him, his hopeful government composition will have members with integrity, professionalism, who will be able to bear the burden of responsibility. "It will consist of individuals, prominent ladies and gentlemen in their professional fields, who will make it possible to create a new political culture."
Calling today's politics a dirty word he aimed at putting an end to 30-year long Albanian transition.
Further on he said April 25 is not a personal battle between PM Edi Rama and him. "This is the first campaign in these 30 years, where the Prime Minister has become my satellite, because he has nothing else to give, he has exhausted himself in every sense. If you remove Lulzim Basha, the vaccine, the pandemic, there is no campaign of his."
At the end of the interview, the leader of the Democrats stated: “It is the chance of the Albanians that not only to remove what is no longer tolerated, but to vote for change
on April 25. The guarantee I give is that we will realize the points of this plan one by one and if we do not realize them, I will not ask for a second mandate."/ argumentum.al