DP's Basha Unveils Guidelines of Governance Platform to British Conservative Party

Democratic Party (DP) Chairman Lulzim Basha has held talks with Prime Minister Johnson's British Conservative Party chairwoman Amanda Milling, and adviser to Britain's trade board, Daniel John Hannan.
Basha said that the Democratic Party has started a campaign, which focuses on the many problems that Albania has today after 8 years of misgovernance and stagnation.
The leader of the Democrats explained to the audience the plan of the Democratic Party, which basically contains the improvement of the business climate, the flat tax of 9%, the reduction of taxes for all people and businesses that will affect especially small and medium enterprises. According to Basha, guaranteeing the rule of law, competitiveness, friendly business climate, flat tax and training of Albanian youth will enable Western investors to find opportunities to invest in Albania and its youth to create the future in the country.
The leader of the opposition said that the motto of the DP in the campaign is based on the need for change, through which Albania will be able to guarantee economic growth and move safely towards EU membership. /argumentum.al