First Case of 'Electoral Crime' under Probe in Northeastern Town of Albania ahead of April 25 Poll

The first case of electoral crime related to the April 25 general elections has been hit in the northeastern town of Puka. The police have arrested red handed the citizen, Vasil Shabani, previously convicted for the criminal offense "Illegal possession of weapons" after the control exercised in his vehicle type Nisan where an amount of 528,000 Lek and a sheet similar to ballot paper were found, said local official sources on Saturday.
It is announced that following the investigative actions the provisional Chairman of the SMI Political Entity for the Municipality of Puka, citizen Demir Syla, was released.
During the control exercised in the business premises of the SMI local official, the police found and seized another ballot paper similar to the ballot paper, as well as an A4 paper with the list of names (name, father, surname) of 27 persons and ID numbers.
Investigative materials against the citizen Vasil Shabani who is detained and the citizen, Demir Syla prosecuted at large were referred to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of Puka for further investigative actions under the charge of the criminal offenses "Falsification of election material and of election results" and "Active corruption in elections committed in cooperation".

The Puka Prosecution on Monday will assess whether the criminal proceedings for electoral corruption will be transferred to the SPAK for investigation. /