Five Citizens Stabbed at Tirana Mosque, Albanian Aggressor Seized

A man armed with a knife hit Muslim believers inside the 'Dine Hoxha' mosque in downtown Tirana on Monday afternoon, police said.
According to preliminary reports, five citizens were stabbed but they are out of danger for life.
Imam Ahmed Kalaja said that the situation is under control through a video released by local media although he appeard in tears.  He wished that this was not a terrorist act. The incident took place as the month of Ramadan is under way.
"Thank God the person has been arrested. The situation is under control and there is nothing to worry about. We hope it was not a terrorist act. The mosque will return to its previous state in a few hours," he said.

According to media reports reporting from the scene, local citizens blocked the hands and feet of the aggressor, Rudolf Nikolla, 34 years old, and he was handed over to the police forces by the citizens. A probe is underway, police said. /