Former Diplomat and Journalist Discovers ‘Patronage Spy’

The official of the National Agency of Natural Resources (AKBN), VALBONA VERLINI, turns out to be the patronagist of the journalist, Genc Mlloja for these elections, which will be held in Albania on April 25, 2021. Mr. Mlloja, a former diplomat and Deputy Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission of Albania to the UN in New York, who learned about this event, reacted as follows on social networks on Monday evening:

The employee of the National Agency of Natural Resources (AKBN), VALBONA VERLINI, turns out to be my patronage spy for these elections.

I do not know her, she knew me, because AKBN’s official was my “shadow” investigating around me. Among other things, her investigation shows that my preference is DP.

Valbona, the Socialist detective, made a mistake by deceiving the party she serves regarding my party affiliation. The target is wrong.

The party, her bosses, will punish the lady informer for false information about me. Definitely I will not give the pleasure to correct the misleading information by telling her my 'dream'. I will just let her know that I am a journalist…

It will be funny as Valbona will try to hide from me as she lives in the neighborhood where I reside since 1976. It will be in vain for her to make such an effort because I do not care at all to recognize her.

But the thing is that after this post of mine on social networks and media many of my acquaintances will ask out of disgust for the AKBN’s paid patronagist: Who the hell is this 'Mata Harry' of ‘Asdreni’ Road in Unit 1 of ‘Ali Demi’ Neighborhood?


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