Former FM Says System of Fear Has Been Installed in Albania

"Go and vote because we know everything what you do," has said Edi Rama in his electoral speech with ‘patronagists’ (Socialist spies), which former foreign minister and ex- Democratic Party (DP) official Besnik Mustafaj sees as a system of fear installed in Albania.

Speaking on Sunday’s parliamentary elections in an interview on a local TV on Tuesday morning, Mustafaj said the fear system has already been installed in Albania turning it into a very big problem for the citizens. He stressed that the Democratic Party managed to recover the confidence of its supporters in these years, but, according to him, the largest opposition political force failed to create a spirit to bring victory.

"The DP is facing four very difficult years. The whole of Albania is facing 4 very difficult years. The DP has recovered the confidence of its supporters to a large extent, but failed to breathe. But for me not only the campaign but also the leader can be judged. The leader is primarily responsible,” he said.

“Today we failed to create a spirit. I as a Democrat expected that my spirits be lifted to lead me to victory. We are in circumstances where there is no vote against. So, there is no free society that votes against. We saw that Tom Doshi (of the Social Democrat Party) got many votes. What Tom Doshi's party represents for the dissatisfied is nothing. So, it was not voted against, but only, for," said Mustafaj.

But as he said today's opposition goes to Parliament much stronger and this is important for it. He said that the fact remains that in addition to having the police, the prosecution and the court in hand, Rama has the backing of the incriminated.

"The political role is to go to parliament and learn from the wrong steps that have been made. The empty chair serves the political opponent," the former foreign minister Mustafaj said. /