German Ambassador Calls a Document on Kosovo-Serbia Deal “Fake News”

The German Ambassador to Kosovo, Jorn Rohde, has said the “non-paper” published by Koha Ditore on Monday is “fake news.” Rohde said that this “non-paper” is not German-French proposal as reported by Koha Ditore.
“The so-called “German-French non paper” published by Koha Ditore is fake news! There might be a paper but it’s for sure not a German-French one. Our full support is for the EU-led dialogue led by EUSR Miroslav Lajcak as German FM Maas again underlined last Thursday in Pristina,” Rohde wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

According to the document published by Koha Ditore, an “autonomous district of northern Kosovo” would be created, the Serbian Orthodox Church will have a “privileged status”, while Serbia in return would not hinder Kosovo’s membership in international organizations. /