Government Announces 100,000 Elderly Vaccinated, PM Rama Lauds Chinese Vaccine Sinovac

Since the start of the vaccination process, 100,000 vaccinations have been carried out of the age group over 70 years, while the vaccination of police officers and field journalists begins considered as risk groups starts on Saturday.
The decision was announced by the Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastriliu from Berat, southern Albania, where Prime Minister Edi Rama was in one of the vaccination centers to see the process closely, said a press release issued by the government press office on Friday.
"From tomorrow, we will launch vaccinating police officers, starting with Tirana to be extended throughout Albania, as well as field journalists. We are following the combined vaccination plan of the risk groups who work in critical services", said Minister Manastirliu.
"The vaccine is the weapon against COVID-19 and the pandemic," Prime Minister Rama said adding that the vaccine of the Chinese company Sinovac coming from Turkey is a super successful vaccine. Turkey is getting faster and faster out of the tunnel of the pandemic thanks to that vaccine while this vaccine is preferred by rich Middle Eastern countries. "All the royal crowns of that area have received this vaccine which is administered in many countries. The fact that it has not entered the EU has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the vaccine, but it has to do with issues of a different nature that we are not interested in. They are affected, but we are interested in urgently taking the Albanian people out of the tunnel and getting our grandparents, those with chronic diseases, risk groups and the entire population, out of all this long time of anxiety and insecurity as soon as possible."
PM Rama said vaccination of police officers and field journalists starts on Saturday while the lists for the hotel service staff for the season, as well as for all the employees of the factories with the ordered material are being framed.