Helpline to Support Registration of Land Peoperty Titles in Albania

Running from March to June 2021, from Monday to Friday, 14hrs – 17hrs, the Helpline 0692093731 shall provide free of charge information to all interested citizens about various aspects related to registration of land property titles.
"A particular focus will be dedicated to women property owners who will receive specialised support from dedicated operators," said a statement released by the Office of the Council of Europe in Tirana on Wednesday.
This initiative aims to improve the legal understanding by interested citizens on the applied registration procedures and to ensure consistent application of the property rights’ legislation, along with effective enforcement of property owners’s rights in Albania.

It is supported by the European Union and Council of Europe joint action “Supporting enforcement of judicial decisions and facilitating the execution of ECtHR judgements in Albania”, in cooperation with the students of the Faculty of Law of the Tirana University and the Tirana Legal Aid Society (TLAS).

The campaign follows on Action’s legal assistance to the Albanian Assembly on the Law 20/2020, taking on board the recommendations of the Venice Commission, and ongoing support to the Albanian State Cadastre with the view to close a long-standing gap in the registration of agricultural titles and ownership of the land in Albania.
Three decades have elapsed since the fall of the communist regime but the property questions have not been resolved in this Balkan country remaining one of the most sensitive issues for the population, particularly for the legal owners whose properties have been taken illegally.