Homage for Martyrs of Anti- Communist Movement in Shkodra

Shkodra commemorated the 30th anniversary of the Anti-Communist Demonstration of April 2, 1991, where 4 young people from Shkodra were killed at a time when Albania was engulfed in the process of the overthrow of communism.
Initially, it was Jozefina Topalli together with the candidates of the Movement for Change who laid wreaths at the memorial on April 2 at the monument erected in this northern city of Albania.
This moment showed that politics has divided Albanian families as well. Accompanied by her father, Adela Kryeziu, number 2 on Topalli's list, she commemorated her uncle, Nazmi Kryeziu, a martyr on April 2, but immediately after the ceremony, the other uncle, Ahmet Kryeziu, a member of the Democratic Party, demonstratively removed the wreaths laid by his family members.
Later, President Ilir Meta, representatives of the Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration, took part in the ceremony, while the absence of the democratic leader Lulzim Basha was noticed.
Shkodra is considered as a bastion of the DP. /argumentum.al