Juri Kim demands change! Becchetti backfires! Watch&Wonder! “Sofa gate” shakes Brussels! Drag on but not cut the rope!

Realpolitik “ flash” No. 7  

  1 - 15 APRIL 2021

 EXCLUSIVELY at ARGUMENTUM, the renowned analyst and diplomat “dots the i’s and crosses the “t’s” on  5 major events with only 1000 words

DR Jorgji KOTE


1.Juri Kim demanded change on the evening of 13 April at an Albanian TV. The US Ambassador told bluntly that albanians on 25 April should vote for CHANGE e. against crime, corruption, inpunity, ballet sale&purchase and breach of promises! Now, the political protagonists of these evils in the last 4 or 8 years are well-known. So, please don’t ask Her to mention party names on CHANGE versus CONTINUITY; it is beyond her diplomatic status and not necessary. One may read it between the lines! Juri Kim spoke for those who want to see, hear and realize her interview messages, as a natural follow - up of her previous stances, referred to in this rubrique as well.

 2. Becchetti backfires through the 270 page decision by the international court in Washington. It forces Albania to pay back to Francesco Becchetti, former owner of the TV “ AGON” closed  in 2015 110 Million Euro; plus  nearly 14 million as judiciary charges, interest rates and the legal appeal studio. It is the biggest fine in the last 75 years by an arbitrage of indisputable authority. Among others, the dossier contains 70 SMS messages by albanian senior officials to Mr. Becchetti, to make him change the critical editorial line on the government. PM Rama calls him “ tricker” but failing to explain how such a court attached to the World Bank in Washington, not in Paris, in the Hague, in Moscow or Peking has decided to Becchetti’s favour! Hence, dossier Becchetti is an outcry for free media! Likewise, this decision poses the serious question: why should the people pay for such backfiring decisions of our power holders, who do not care even about international laws and courts?

3.Watch&Wonder !

On the occasion of her election as President of Kosovo, Mrs. Vjosa Osmani has received several congratulatory messages from all over the world. But in Albania, PM Rama left a bad impression with a  message. Instead, he sent  a status with a dry comment and without any courtesy; failing to mention  even her name! But, let our followers watch&wonder themselves after reading the courtesy translation of the status text below:

« The election of the new President of Kosovo yesterday by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo concludes the country’s institutional frame and guarantees the necessary lasting stability to focus on working to implement the governmental program. Let it be a good and successful work performance for the people! Edi Rama (@ediramaal) April 5, 2021

4.“Sofa gate” shakes Brussels! It is about the diplomatic scandal at the Presidential Palace on 6th April in Ankara. It ” stole” the visit of the Presidents of the EU Council and Commission there. Instead of echoing the messages of cooperation EU - Turkey, Brussels, Rome and other European capitals ate “ boiling” with hot debates on this serious political precedent. Although it is common knowledge that they enjoy the same protocol status, the EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen was seen embarrassed standing until she sat on a sofa ata distance from Erdogan&Michel. The Belgian politics, the EU and its Parliament are demanding explanations; whereas the largest European women Association “Millenia” is collecting signatures urging President Michel’s resignation. The latter proved to be “ off sight”  by committing three grave diplomatic mistakes and faults; first, by allowing an elementaary protocol violation, falling in the trap of the “musical chair game” with winning Erdogan; secondly, he paved the way to the public humiliation of the whole EU; thirdly, Mrs. Von der Leyen, who is also an exemplary Mother of seven children was neglected; just when she denounced Turkey for leaving the European Convention against violence on women. In fact, with  some political tact and  elegance,  Michel could have uttered to President Erdogan’s ears to add  another chair  and close up this issue within minutes. Charles Michel has admitted apologetically that he has not made a wink of sleep over nights due to that. In the meeting Michel - von der Leyen on 13 April, the latter warned that she would not tolerate any more such a case. Nonetheless, the taste that “ sofa gate” has left is  Because, when its heads fail to have even a chair for talks, then, how can one  expect more from the EU?

5. Drag on but not cut the rope! This is how this political game will continue among Russia, Ukraine, USA, BE/NATO. Actually, with its latest military reinorcements with some 41.000 soldiers and arms allegedly for training purposes in the border with Ukraine, Russia intends to detach its public  attention from domestic troubles; likewise, to “ test the pulse” of West and particulary of the new President Biden; it is also a response to their relevant sanctions and strategy. Most importantly, Russia wants to warn the united West “ not to play with the fire” of  Ukraine’s NATO membership. Swept by the domestic mass disappointment due to corruption and scandals, Ukraine also wants to use this case to distract the domestic public attention, highlight the Western failure in the enforcement of Minsk Agreement and demand more  military support and aids. True, USA& EU want to display not only with words but this time  on the ground the major shift in their strategy on Russia; yet, a military confrontation or a war is extremely hard, not to say impossible to break out. Since all would be loosers. Besides, less and less people are now in favour of wars and conflicts in Russia, Ukraine, USA and the EU. Accordingly, on 14 April, President Biden invited President Putin for a meeting in a third country to talk on the whole package of issues, in view of descalating the growing tensions. Pursuant to that, even two large US ships of war were not dislocated in the Black Sea as previously announced. Apparently, the common major interests among them outnumber their divisions, even on matters of principle. Thus, they will “ calm down”.  The biggest loser from the strategy “ drag on but not cut the rope” will likely be the ukrainian people; it will have to live in anxiety; and no one can say  how long between two immense geopolitical fires.


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