Kosovo Still Seeks Missing War Victims

Kosovo prime minister Albin Kurti urged Serbia to bring to justice those who ordered genocide in the 1998 to 1999 Kosovo war on National Missing Person's Day on April 27, marking the date when 377 Kosovar boys and men were slaughtered in a refugee convoy.
The National Day of Missing Persons is commemorated on the anniversary of the Meja Massacre, where Serbian forces killed 377 Albanian boys and men on 27 April 1999. This was the largest massacre during the Kosovo War. No one was held accountable for this war crime.
President Vjosa Osmani, PM Kurti and Speaker Glauk Konjufca paid homage to the memorial in Pristina dedicated to those who went missing during the Kosovo war in 1998-1999.
Bajram Qerkini, chairman of the Missing Persons Resource Center, urged institutional leaders that the fate of more than 1,600 missing people be addressed in dialogue with Serbia. He said that the Resource Centre and family members who lost their loved ones are dissatisfied with the approach of institutions related to the fate of the missing people. “Promises were never kept. Ten days ago, I attended a working group, and personally I am not satisfied with the working group because this issue has not been addressed in dialogue,” Qerkini said.
He noted that the Kosovo delegation should not go to the Dialogue with Serbia in Brussels unprepared and blamed local and international politicians for not doing much in solving this issue.

Some 1,639 war victims were still missing, some having been hidden in cemeteries. The war claimed over 10,000 lives, most of them Kosovar Albanians. /argumentum.al