Kosovo’s President Congratulates SP on April 25 Victory and "Takes Revenge" on PM Rama

It seems that the leaders of Kosovo have waited until the certification of the election results of April 25 in Albania, unlike some international leaders who wished Socialist Party (SP) head Edi Rama as soon as the preliminary results of these elections were proclaimed.

After the Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, when two days have passed since the certification of the elections, the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani has reacted by congratulating the SP for the victory and the DP for the electoral campaign.

"Congratulations to the Socialist Party on the victory in the April 25 elections. Congratulations to the Democratic Party (DP) and all the other parties for the election race. I wish all political representatives to contribute to the strengthening of democracy, rule of law and cooperation with Kosovo," Osmani wrote on Twitter.

Such a wish is considered very cold and not at all friendly because in no word was mentioned the name of the leader of this party and at the same time the Prime Minister of the country Mr. Edi Rama. Especially when this wish comes from Kosovo.

Vjosa Osmani has been criticized for "forgetting" Edi Rama in her congratulatory message. However, it seems that Ms. Osmani does not forget. She simply used the same language as the Prime Minister of Albania, Mr. Rama, used against her only a few weeks ago when Ms. Osmani was elected President of Kosovo. Mr. Rama preferred to congratulate the institution of the president and the election process, avoiding the name of Ms. Vjosa Osmani.

"The election of the new President of Kosovo yesterday by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo concludes the institutional framework of the country and guarantees the necessary stability to focus on the work for the implementation of the governing program! May I wish good and successful work for the people," wrote Mr. Rama on twitter in his message addressed to the President of Kosovo.

Mr. Rama thought to "take revenge" after Ms. Osmani's visit to Albania as Acting President of Kosovo, where from the rostrum of the Albanian Parliament, Osmani criticized the Minishengen and border changes and also asked the Albanian Parliament to condemn Serbian genocide. This visit was very much anathemized for the fact that the Prime Minister of the country boycotted her speech in the Albanian Parliament.

Therefore, it is no surprise in the "revenge" of President Osmani towards the Prime Minister of Albania. It seems that Prime Minister Rama will have an "opposition" across the border (!) in the third term of government. /argumentum.al