Kurti's Involvement in Albania's Election Process Lashed Out in Kosovo

The engagement with the elections and protests in Albania by the Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti accompanied by his ministers and deputies continues to be criticized in Pristina by opposition and some parts of media and civil society.
In this frame the President of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), Lumir Abdixhiku, lashed out at Kurti and his  Government for neglecting the situation with the pandemic in Kosovo by dealing with the elections in Albania.
He noted in a post on FB on Monday that at a time when 80 fellow citizens die every week in Pristina and when the elderly and vulnerable are waiting for vaccination PM Kurti is showing immaturity and irresponsibility.
Kosovo health authorities reported 345 new COVID-19 cases and 8 more deaths on Monday.
"Kurti has abandoned his people. Instead of leading here he has chosen to be in protests and campaigns in another country supporting the opposition at the height of the health and economic crisis in Kosovo," said LDK's Abdixhiku.
But in another event showing the opposite Prime Minister Albin Kurti convened the government cabinet over the weekend to draft the Governing Platform and Action Plan for the next four years.
“On Saturday and Sunday, during four separate sessions together with the 17 members of the government cabinet, we held a workshop to draft the Governing Program and Action Plan for the next four years of our government. Strategic goals, operational objectives, and measures to be taken were presented and reviewed,” Kurti wrote on Facebook on Sunday quoted by local media on Monday. He also wrote that the citizens had voted for the change that his government would implement.

"Soon, these very important documents that clearly define our priorities in each field will be finalized technically and will be submitted to the Government for voting and in the Parliament for discussion. Citizens have voted for change. With their will they have enabled change, and with our work, our government will bring change to their life," said Kurti. /argumentum.al