Life Threatening Attack Foiled in Downtown Tirana

A car broke down the barriers at Tirana's main square 'Skënderbej' which was full of pedestrians causing panick as its driver headed towards crowds of people on Sunday morning, said eyewitnesses and police.
Arben Mema from Paskuqani, 32 years old, is the driver who forcibly entered 'Skënderbej' square, attacking crowds of people.
A young boy named Klodian from Tirana intervened instantly helping to neutralize  the violent intruder.
Klodian said the young man in the car after entering the square tried to crush people. He said that at that moment he did not think about himself, but only wanted to protect the lives of citizens.
"A car rushed in the direction of people. It seemed to me like a terrorist act. We got scared, it rushed towards the crowd of people ... After I neutralized it, it was the citizens who held him and opened the doors, because I was still in the window of intruder's car. This lasted 12 seconds, he did not speak because he was not able after the blow he received," said the 22-year-old.
A few minutes after the horrific incident in downtown Tirana, Prime Minister Edi Rama met with the young man who stopped the madness by rescuing dozens of citizens.
President Ilir Meta called this an heroic act as Klodian saved the lives of dozens of people.
The perpetrator of the act, Mema, as police said, was under the drugs effect as cannabis was found in his car.
The incident happened as Albania is voting for the new Parliament, but police did not say if there was any link between the occurrence and the poll.