Massacre of Lybeniq in Peja Commemorated by PM Kurti Who Asks Punishment of Serb Criminals

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti  commemorated on Thursday the 22nd anniversary of the massacre of Lybeniq, Peja, when Serbian forces entered the village and massacred at least 65 Kosovo Albanians and expelled other inhabitants.
Kurti said that justice has not been done for many crimes that were committed in Kosovo. “Serbia in general does not prosecute criminals but promotes and involves them in politics and in the state,” Kurti wrote on Facebook.

“Kosovo prosecutors and judges are proving to be inefficient. On 29 May 2019, we amended the Code of Criminal Procedure to enable the trial and punishment in the absence of criminals, but even this is not bringing enough results. 22 years after the war, the discussions about the past should not be as they are. However, we will commit ourselves and do the best we can and know to close the wounds of the past. Because only then we can see clearly and walk proudly towards the future.”