Monsignor George Frendo's Wish: Let Resurrection of Christ Give Determination Albania Becomes a More Beautiful Country by Youth

"Let us not allow the virus to limit our lives. Our lives are not under the direction of the virus, but under the direction of Christ."
Through this message, Monsignor George Frendo has conveyed his congratulations to all the Catholic faithful who celebrate Easter this Sunday.
While urging young people not to leave Albania, Monsignor George Frendo invited them to behave like heroes by staying and dreaming of a better Albania in his message released on Saturday.
"And let's prove to the young people who cultivate a dream, that one day they will leave Albania for a richer country. Whoever cultivates this dream thinks he is brave. But he who decides to stay in Albania dreaming of a better Albania is a hero. Perhaps many young people enjoy being brave. But let them seek more to be heroes. Albania needs you, dear young people: You are the future of Albania. The resurrection of Christ proclaims the victory of love over hatred, the victory of hope over despair. Let the Resurrection of Christ give you the determination that our Albania, a country blessed with a lot of beauty becomes an even more beautiful country through you,"
said among others Monsignor George Frendo.
For his part, the Albanian Cardinal, Ernest Simon Troshani considered the Easter holiday, the day of the greatest victory.
"Albanian brothers and sisters, as every year, the day of celebrating the biggest holiday, the biggest victory, Easter day, has come. Easter Day aims to divide history between its own time and the new stage full of light which is the hope of the resurrected. Man needs hope, for eternity. I wish you a Happy Easter, and the resurrected Christ be in the hearts of all to give life, health, wealth, prosperity and happiness to the entire people. May Christ be life, reward, bliss and prosperity and joy!" was Albanian Cardinal's wish. /