PAA's Duka Warns Opposition Head Basha against Any Deal with PM Rama

Prime minister Edi Rama invites and also ¬†despises the opposition leader of the 'Alliance for Change' (AN) Lulzim Basha, has said the chairman of the Agrarian Environmentalist Party (PAA) Agron Duka, part of the Alliance together with the Democratic Party, where he ranks second on the list in Durr√ęs Region.
It's an invitation with contempt, an invitation for personal survival and humiliating submission of the opposition, said in a post of FB Duka on Friday responding to the calls of Prime Minister Edi Rama addressed to the leader of the Democrats Lulzim Basha for cooperation.
Duka called the invitation "contemptuous" and added that he described it as an invitation for personal survival.
Among other things, Duka emphasized that the appeals "Rama Go" emanate from the soul of every unemployed person and underline that the time has come for change.
Basha has turned down Rama's proposal saying that he cannot be part of the governance being confident that DP is going to be victorious after the election.
"On April 25, Albanians will vote number 9 to remove Rama and he will never be part of our government. His time is up. We will bring change and Albania will win," Basha wrote on Twitter last Wednesday.
"What credibility could the co-governance with Rama have when he continues with the daily slanderous, humilations and contemptuous accusations against Basha and his allies in the Alliance for Change coalition," Duka said.
"PAA will be a credible ally even in the government without 'co-ruler Rama' who even before leaving power - exactly in November 2020 reduced the budget for agriculture to only 57 cents to 100 lek. It is time for a big change. It's time for Rama to realize that his time is up," said the head of the PAA, Agron Duka, a prominent figure in the opposition block.
His harsh warning against any co-governance of the AN with Rama has been seen as a reminder to Basha not to undertake secret deals like the one in 2017 when he betrayed the allies sealing a pre- electoral bargain with Rama as opposition was at the climax of its anti government protest whose symbol was the big tent in front of PM's Office in Tirana.