PM Clarifies His 'Olive Branch' to His Adversary Basha Didn't Mean Co-governance

Warning of the chairman of the Agrarian Environmentalist Party (PAA) Agron Duka, part of the Alliance together with the Democratic Party (DP) that the invitation of PM Edi Rama to DP's Lulzim Basha aimed at humiliating the opposition seems to have been true.
Prime Minister Edi Rama during a meeting on Friday said that the invitation to Basha for cooperation was not to form a government together out of grief. According to Rama, it was a call to make politics resemble Albanians in the face of the earthquake and the pandemic.
"We do not need and will not ask for votes from others because we will get the majority of votes on April 25," said Rama whose offer was rejected even by Basha.
"On April 25, Albanians will vote number 9 to remove Rama and he will never be part of our government. His time is up. We will bring change and Albania will win," Basha wrote on Twitter last Wednesday.
On Friday, talking theoretically rather than referring to the concrete offer for cooperation to Basha made a few days ago Rama said: "Politics should make the union not come from grief, but from forcing people to make politics a space where people cannot be afraid to enter."
It's still fresh Basha's secret deal in 2017 when he betrayed the allies sealing a pre- electoral bargain with Rama as opposition was at the climax of its anti- government protest whose symbol was the big tent in front of PM's Office in Tirana.
"What credibility could the co-governance with Rama have when he continues with the daily slanderous, humilations and contemptuous accusations against Basha and his allies in the Alliance for Change coalition?" Duka asked earlier on Friday before Rama's 'clarification' on what the olive branch to Basha meant. /