PM Holds Responsible President Meta for Rising Tension in Albania

In a comment on the exchange of remarks in distance between US Ambassador Yuri Kim and President Ilir Meta on late Friday evening, PM Edi Rama said that Albania is without a president today.
Rama said on a local TV station that Meta has derailed and has become the main source of recent tensions in Albania.
"Meta is the biggest and major source of the rising tension and of course what happened is the result of this strategy of tension designed by Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha," he said.
Acoording to Rama, the election must be held for the dignity of Albania, which has become a rag by a rag president.
"This is inconceivable for a country like Albania, a NATO member, which expects the largest NATO-organized exercise in this part of the world," Rama said.
According to him, Albania is without a president today because Meta has been thrown out the window and is among the people as an agitator of violence and extremes that are unimaginable.
"It is April 25 and Albanians decide with what face they want to be represented in the world, with what characters they want to be represented and what this country will be like for many years to come," Rama said. /