PM Rama Confident to Win the Third Governance Mandate to Build Another Albania

Speaking at the closing meeting of the election campaign of the ruling Socialist Party (SP) for Tirana its head and PM Edi Rama said on Thursday it was the moment to understand that Albania is at a very important crossroads and whoever votes on April 25 votes for something bigger. He said that DP head Lulzim Basha is now plotting and appears as the man who is thinking deeper, not as if he has been in opposition for 8 years.
Rama brought to attention the solidarity of Albanians and the whole world to face the disaster from the earthquake of November 2019. He said that just when Albania and Albanians 'smiled' because the whole world gathered, the second blow came for the whole world, but for Albania the pandemic Covid19 was too much.
"Today we enter that category of countries that are champions in the league of fighting the invisible enemy. Today we are seeing the exit of the tunnel faster than many others, which are stronger and richer than us," he said.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rama said that President Ilir Meta is the shame of all the Albanian people. "It is the biggest shame that Albania could have had at the top," he said. He closed by expressing the confidence in winning the third governance mandate to build another Albania.  /