PM Rama Says Albania on Top of European Countries for Vaccines Administration Last Week

"We will win this war with leadership, organization, perseverance and great patience and we will have a significantly facilitated tourist season through unstoppable mass vaccination," said Prime Minister Edi Rama, referring to the data of the global barometer measuring the pace of vaccination.
The data of the global barometer for the vaccination rate of the last 7 days ranks the countries according to the speed with which the mass vaccination was carried out during the last week.
The massive anti-Covid vaccination of the population has started according to the national vaccination program of Albania, where people over 70 years of age, teachers, pedagogues, media workers and blue uniforms have been vaccinated for more than a week, and official data say over 192,000 citizens have been vaccinated until Sunday. Some 2,256 people have lost their lives due to COVID-19 since the outbreak of the pandemic in Albania.
According to the above graph, Albania is at the top, followed by Serbia, France, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Greece, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and finally Kosovo. The barometer, which is framed taking into consideration the first shot of the vaccine, measures the seven-day average per 100 persons to the general population.

The numbers of vaccinated individuals have risen especially after Albania acquired 192,000 doses of the Chinese Sinovac vaccine a week ago, which helped the start of the mass inoculation campaign. Sinovac’s vaccine has shown varied efficacy readings of between 50.65% and 83.5% based on trials from Brazil, Turkey and Indonesia, according to foreign specialists. /