PM Rama Says No Limits for Cooperation with the DP, New Drive to Remove President

Prime Minister Edi Rama has stated that his invitation for cooperation with the Democratic Party (DP) has no red lines and no limits. Rama stressed that this invitation is only for PD and not for Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) and that he recognizes only DP as opposition.
The SP head made these revelations during a TV talk show on Thursday evening focusing most of the time on lambasting other opposition forces besides Basha and cursing President Ilir Meta as well as veteran DP leader Sali Berisha.
"I have no limits regarding the collaboration with the Democratic Party and Lulzim Basha," he said making it clear that no taboos exist on all aspects of cooperation when co-governance was mentioned by the journalists
According to him, DP is Albania's opposition and SMI did interest him at all
"I am not interested in SMI. For me that belongs to another category," said Rama who announced that another effort will start to remove President Ilir Meta.
Rama is stepping up his drive for cooperation with Basha as there is a rising storm in DP leadership to make him resign holding him responsible for the fifth failure of DP in general and local elections since 2013 leaving in power Edi Rama.
There are suppositions that there is a secret deal between Rama and Basha to co-govern and mention is made of his secret accord in 2017 when DP failed disastorly.
A group of 10 senior members of DP hierarchy including former president Bujar Nishani, chairman of the DP National Assembly, have asked resignation of Basha and the deputy chairman and reorganization of DP leadership. /