PM Rejects Public Debate with President Not Excluding Unrest in Albania

The challenges of his political adversaries for public debate keep rising towards Prime Minister Edi Rama a week ahead of the April 25 poll in Albania. The consecutive offer was made by President of the country Ilir Meta who invited the government head Rama to a public confrontation.
"I like the confrontation," said the head of state, thus publicly expressing an invitation to the PM to hold a debate just a few days before the elections.
In the meantime, President Meta, through a post on social networks, addressed Prime Minister Rama in harsh tones telling him that he risks losing his parliamentary group as well.
"Rama will be left without a parliamentary group before the election day," said Meta.
But the response of the Prime Minister did not delay, who rejected the invitation to a debate.
"I have many invitations of this kind. I do not understand which of these is the one who speaks on behalf of all them; I do not have to respond to invitations. Ilir Meta had also invited Gjiknuri to a TV talk show. What does this mean? The President of the Republic goes to Vlora and says to Gjiknuri: "Let's face each other in the studio". There is no time to lose," Rama said.
Asked if he thinks the general election day in the country will be accompanied by unrest, Rama did not rule it out as a possibility adding that you can expect everything from President Meta.
"I do not see a coffee cup to tell the truth, but I think that Ilir Meta is totally out of himself, out of the function of president. He is totally out of his mind and you can expect everything. Elections in Albania have no problems as yet. The election campaign is civilized, excluding Meta and Sali. They want to keep Albania in the circle of their mind, which is blurred due to justice reform," Rama said./