Political Adversaries Trade Barbs over the Deadly Incident in Albanian City of Elbasan

The deadly incident in Elbasan has increased political tension in Albania with the political adversaries trading barbs on Wednesday.
President Ilir Meta stressed that all tensions come from PM Edi Rama who violated the June 5 agreement, adding that the ruling party is in a panic from the fair elections.
"It is known where this tension comes from. It comes from the person who violated the June 5 agreement. He violated it because he is afraid of fair elections. After violating the elections within the SP, he thinks he can do the same with the April 25 elections,"  said the President.
Whereas Prime Minister Edi Rama wrote on "Twitter" saying they should not lose their patience nor the belief that April 25 will bring the unification of Albanians.

"The despair of the losers should not and will not make us lose either the peace, or the patience, or the belief that April 25 will bring the unification of Albanians to raise Albania to the deserved peak and the meaningful punishment of the forces that want to become a snake again around our feet!” Rama said. /argumentum.al