President Calls on Citizens to Go to Polls, Warns the 'Strong' against Vote- Buying

President Ilir Meta has made a call on all citizens 4 days before the elections which will be held on April 25 in Albania.
Meta said on Wednesday that all citizens should go to the polls as the government will be overthrown through a referendum on April 25.
He also warned the "strong" saying that whoever is used by the government for pressure and vote buying, even chickens will be seized. Ironizing Rama, President Meta warned all officials who "do not have a psychic card" not to aggravate their position by violating the Electoral Code.
"All of you officials, who do not have a psychic card, do not aggravate your position by violating the law and the Code in the days and hours to come," he said.

Stressing that the state of the right will be established on April 25, the President had the following warning to the so called "strong men" as following: "All of you strong, who are being used by the criminal power for pressure and vote buying, get ready that we will seize the chickens too! Whoever touches the vote of April 25 has attacked the sovereignty of the people and the Republic of Albania and will be treated as an enemy of the Republic and the Constitution! Whoever sells the vote, sells the honor of his family and does not deserve to be called a man and in no way an Albanian. "/