President Seeks Protection of National Security of Albania from Relevant Institutions

It is indispensable to take increased organizational measures in the exercise of functional duties, responsible implementation of legislation in force, as well as increasing vigilance during the pre- and post-election period, President Ilir Meta said in an official letter to the heads of state institutions and foreign ambassadors to Albania on Saturday.
"This specific period may present a high level of risk, for the occurrence of illegal actions and / or inactions, or the ascertainment of negative phenomena," said Meta. According to him this requires their treatment in compliance with the respective legal provisions on administrative or criminal sanctions.
President seeks increased accountability in a special way during this period from institutions directly related to ensuring and maintaining the economic and financial stability of the country, fiscal interests, respect for human rights and freedoms, guaranteeing public order and tranquility, administration and preservation of public property resources and the interests of the state as a whole. All of the above, according to him, have a direct impact on the protection of national security in the Republic of Albania.
The letter is issued after the abrupt closure for 48 hours of the International Rinas Airport in Tirana which created chaos in air transportation and a political upheaval.
Albania will hold general elections on April 25 and the recent pre- electoral period is burdened with increasing political tension in this country. /