Rama, Not Albanians, Should Pay the Millions of 'Becchetti!

By Nikollaq Neranxi
Bad news from across the border has ruined Rama's so carefully constructed campaigning scenario. Albania has lost in the World Bank Arbitration Court a total of €110 million sued by the former owner of Agon Channel, Francesco Becchetti!
Immediately after the news, I heard Rama, who after cursing his political opponents, said that nothing is over and the battle continues!
Seeing such an astronomical figure in face of our poor Albania, for a moment I also hoped that the battle continues, but when I asked the professionals of this work, they confirmed that the Prime Minister is lying!
The decision of the arbitral tribunal is executive and referring to the ICSID convention, now the remaining phase is only the payment of the obligation for the amount of €100 million.
This means that the bill should be paid by all of us only for a capricious whim of Rama, who did not like an opposition media
due to the arrogance that the power gives him!!!
In the decision of the International Court of Justice it is clearly stated that the closure of the television was politically motivated and was deliberately chosen to violate the law for political purposes. Precisely for this reason, the material and criminal responsibility must fall on the culprit whose name is Edi Rama.
Let no one take into account, even hypothetically, how much money every Albanian has to pay for Becchetti. The only one who has to pay is Prime Minister Rama.
Therefore, the Albanians should immediately sue Rama and take his money bit by bit. Even if he does not have enough money, he should ask the 10 oligarchs he has enriched during his rule for it.

We can no longer pay for this perverted race of politicians! /panorama- argumentum.al