Rinas International Airport Returns to Normality with Turkish and Greek Controllers in Tower

From 09:00 on Friday morning the first flights restarted from Rinas international airport with the first plane Tirana-Bologna while the planes from Munich and Brussels arrived, local media reported.
After more than 48 hours the only international airport of Albania has returned to normal after the air traffic was blocked by the strike of Albcontrol air traffic controllers.
"Starting at 09:00 today, operations at Rinas airport and Albanian airspace have returned to normal," said infrastructure minister Belinda Balluku on Friday.
Turkish and Greek foreign controllers are in the airport tower, while in Rinas the citizens already feel calm about their travels, local media said reporting live from the scene.
In the meantime, the former head of Civil Aviation, Petrit Sulaj, was interrogated for several hours by the Tirana police in connection with the 'Abandonment' operation and then released on Thursday. Sulaj was called to testify if he had anything to do with the controllers' decision to abandon the job, thus suspending flights to Rinas after conversations he had had with them were revealed. On the other hand, Sulaj has denied having a hand in their decision-making.
But President Ilir Meta, accused of organizing the coup d' etat together with opposition DP leadership by PM Edi Rama, said on Thursday evening that the government head has major psychological problems. "And this is confirmed by the latest event with the airport," said the President. /argumentum.al