SP Parliamentary Group Initiates Dismissal Procedure of President as the Latter Determined Not to Decree New Government

The ruling Socialist Party (SP) has begun the first steps to remove Albania's president Ilir Meta from office. The Socialist parliamentary group has started gathering signatures to support the proposal to oust the president.
For this, a message was sent on Friday to the socialist deputies asking them that based on some serious violations of the Constitution by President Ilir Meta before and during the election campaign according to the provisions of Article 90 in consultation with the Chairmanship of the Parliamentary Group it has been decided to initiate the procedure for dismissal of the President of the Republic.
To this end the message advices SP deputies to sign the proposal for the dismissal of the president.
In the meantime, President Meta in a statement to the media on Friday demanded that the Electoral Code be implemented and that no vote be manipulated. Asked whether or not he would decree the government formed by the April 25th election in which the SP won, the president replied that there was time until that moment.
"Do not deal with things that need their time. I demand that the Electoral Code be applied to the end until the last complaint is exhausted by every individual even within the party. It is important to respect the votes of the candidates," he said.
According to him, 74% of citizens voted, but every vote must be counted and recounted. "Efforts to deal with triffles and to continue the history of electoral crime are desperate," said Meta./argumentum.al