SP Socialist Candidate 'Discovers' the Sun Also Rises in Albania!

"Voters should always see that the sun rises even in Albania and this is connected with the fact that the Socialist Party (SP) should be supported this mandate as well. Some good work has started. There were also defects," said the veteran candidate of the Socialist Party, Spartak Braho on a local TV
on Tuesday.
Braho, who abandoned the Socialist Movement for Integration joining SP, was the closest ally of President Ilir Meta when he was chairman of SMI.
Asked about the scandal of the theft of personal database of 910,000 voters by SP Braho, a former judge, said it should be clarified and the probe is more than useful.
"They should take away the anger. If there is a violation, they should respond. The prosecution should investigate," he said.
A senior SP official denied any wrongdoing regarding the theft of the personal information in a talk show on Monday evening saying it was a normal procedure.
In a comment on the term Renaissance used by SP Head Edi Rama for SP's new paradigm Braho had the impression that the term ‘Renaissance’ used by Rama refers to a new philosophy, which sought to introduce modernism of the left.
"I made only one remark when there was a case; the Renaissance does not begin in 2015, but in the XIX century. With Sami, Naim Frashëri, with our renaissance disciples. I told Rama: Have you ever been to Frashër?! Go there once," said Braho./argumentum.al