SPAK Starts Probe into Alleged Theft of Tirana Voters’ Personal Data by SP

It is increasing the concern on the alleged misuse of the personal data of citizens by the ruling Socialist Party (SP) with President Ilir Meta launching an appeal to the serious crimes investigation authority, SPAK, to start an immediate probe.

Meta addressed his request to SPAK and other justice institutions from Permet, southeastern Albania, on Monday, asking them to quickly investigate the latest, scandalous event of misuse and theft by SP in any form that this has happened of personal data of all Albanian citizens, data that are protected by law and used only for the public interest. "It is an unacceptable and vicious violation of any norm and any morality to make the personal database available only to a political force, one that has seized the state and refuses to relinquish power and therefore uses these dirty forms and for this reason it puts pressure on the Albanian citizens.”

President said the time when Albanians were afraid of the government is over forever.

Last Sunday the opposition Democratic Party (DP) also reacted, calling the issue a scandal, suggesting it would file a lawsuit with the SPAK accusing the SP. There are data for 910,000 citizens of Tirana in the database, which show the number of the identity cards or places of work and other personal information.

"The use of personal data of the E-Albania portal by Rama and SP is a flagrant violation of the privacy of citizens. Unprecedentedly, computers and servers have been installed at the SP headquarters that eavesdrop and use personal data of citizens, which are obtained from the E-Albania portal. They have managed to secure the database which contains confidential data of 910,000 voters of Tirana from 19 to 99 years old," DP said in its statement released on Sunday.

Against the backdrop of what is happening, it is reported that the Head of SPAK, Arben Kraja said on Monday that verifications are being made.

"The theft of personal data is not the competence of SPAK, but based on the importance of the problem and the current stage of the election process, we have taken it into consideration,” said Kraja. /