SP's Gjiknuri Eyes President Meta as Leader of Opposition in Southern Town

"President Ilr Meta has already turned into political leader of the opposition in Vlora, as he has undertaken to protect the rights of the PD and LSI by throwing away the "suit" of the president and is speaking as a representative of the opposition."
This was declared by the candidate for deputy of the Socialist Party (SP) in the district of Vlora, Damian Gjiknuri, one of the most influential officials in SP, in a press conference in that southwestern city on Wednesday.
Gjiknuri accused Meta of his intention to provoke the events of 1997, but he knows very well that that turmoil will not happen in Vlora. "The citizens of Vlora have their eyes on development. It is not Vlora that will take up arms as he thinks. Vlora is the city where a great transformation has taken place in these years," said Gjiknuri.
According to him, that city is eagerly waiting for the election process to end peacefully.
Gjiknuri said he felt sorry for the president who has been installed in Vlora to take over the role of the opposition and leave the post  mandated by the Constitution.
Gjiknuri also responded to the accusations regarding Luan Rama who has agreed to join the mandate with the SP after the elections.
"SMI has a de jure chairman who is Monika Kryemadhi. These accusations must come from the chairwoman of that party. The problems of loyalty with the people she cooperates with must be solved in her family," he said.
In a comment on the reaction of President Meta that if the Socialist Party wins, he would resign from the post of President Gjiknuri said: "Apparently he is sending signals for taking over the leadership of the opposition on April 26," he declared.

Albania will hold general elections on April 25 this year. /argumentum.al