Tirana International Airport Closed to All Flights until Thursday

Flights to Tirana International Rinas Airport have been prohibited after Infrastructure Minister Belinda Balluku failed to reach an agreement with air traffic controllers who have suspended work.
There will be no take-off or landing of planes as there are no employees in the tower to check. This will continue until 10:00 on April 8, local media reported on Wednesday referring to the AlbControl staff.
There will be no employees to announce whether the sky is free for planes or not even at overpasses. Some 65 AlbControl employees have suspended work due to their salaries, job stress and are seeking contract termination. Balluku failed to convince them for an agreement on Wednesday, and this has led to the suspension of all flights, as announced by the International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO.

From the return to work to the termination of the contract are the non-negotiable requirements of 65 controllers of Rinas airport. /argumentum.al