Tirana Mayor Claims SMI Will Disintegrate While DP Loses in April 25 Poll

The mayor and political coordinator of the Socialist Party (SP) in Tirana, Erion Veliaj has said that he does not bet on the final result of the elections of April 25, but believes that the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) will suffer a clear loss and disintegrate.
According to him, even the Democratic Party (DP) cannot win the elections, while he claimed that so far President Ilir Meta is clearly the leader of the opposition, while former PM Sali Berisha is not participating in the campaign.
Veliaj warned that Berisha and Meta will get activated to become masters of the political scene after the voting process is closed on April 25 evening.
Veliaj said that the real leader of the opposition is Meta, and he brought as example the latest case of Rinas airport which was an unprecedented act.
"Meta has betrayed the left at the most critical moment of the country. I had a hope that the left could unite, but Meta has sold it out. That part of the electorate which believed that Meta is part of the left has seen it through his actions," said Veliaj. /argumentum.al