Veteran Opposition Leader Eyes Rinas Incident as Rama's Last Mess Up in Albania

What happened at Rinas International Airport in Albania is increasingly being seen as a scheme engineered by PM Edi Rama by different circles of country's society. Most of them link the scheme labelled by majority hastily as a coup d'etat attempt with Rama's effort to draw the attention from the Bechetti scandal causing Albania a financial loss of more than 110 million euros as a compensation to the Italian TV owner, Bechetti as well as to trouble waters as April 25 general elections are approaching.
"This is Rama's last mess up to forget Beckett's affair. The second is the extreme politicization of a situation which is a situation of negotiations for money, which could have been solved very well if the state did not have these officials that it has today, incapable of handling such a sensitive negotiation at all. This situation could have been easily resolved, but it has served Prime Minister Rama to fabricate the coup," said Dashamir Shehi, chairman of the (Movement for National Development) LZHK and ally of DP's Lulzim Basha, in an interview with DritareTV on Friday morning.
According to his arguments, the only one who can stage a coup in Albania is Rama, who has been in control of everything for 8 years. "He brought back to us (late communist dictator) Enver Hoxha with these foolish schemes and tales."
On the other hand Shehi, candidate for the new parliament, saw it as another effort to extend Turkish influence in Albania. "When we do not have hospitals, the Turkish hospital comes to us, when we do not have medicine, Turkish vaccines come to us because we cannot get them from China. When we do not have workers at the airport, Turkish controllers come to us."
The right wing veteran politician considered all what happened as part of a dangerous line. "In cold blood with fairy tales a few days before the elections, he is pushing Albania towards the Western axis. But he will pay for the consequences of these actions," Shehi warned. /