Voting Is for US, Albanian Citizens, Let Us Do Our Duty!

Dr. Majlinda Keta *

The vote for whom you cast is what you experience every day, the good and the bad, it is what you will experience the next day after casting it or if you dare not go to the poll, so think well.

The VOTE expresses and remains what YOU want for your life, your child, your nephew and niece.

Cast it where it should be, do not sell and buy it because you will be responsible for yourself, your family on April 26!

The ballot is the essence of your freedom, do not let the dictatorship defeat it!

The vote is the foundation of your well-being, do not destroy it by uniting it with thieves and destroyers of the public property of Albanians, similar to those who abuse your private property.

Cloak the vote with the pure spirit of your child, granddaughter and nephew, who need more than ever qualitative teachers, free but high quality books, school buildings where space and greenery prevail, running drinking water to flow from every faucet, where light, heating, library, sports and self-development facilities, tablet or computer, an apolitical school principal, the leader of the progress for your CHILD's mental well-being, to be the norm of every day. It should be the nursery, the school, the university, the center of children in need which we wish to the Albanian generations for years and years.

Think so as you decide for who you will vote. BELIEVE that your Vote serves the well-being of our children, the beautiful memory of childhood and the indisputability of their profession tomorrow with employment again on this earth! Depopulation from evil policies is leading us to a gas chamber where we will all be extinguished in many dimensions.

Offer healthy behavior to your ballot just as you sincerely ask for a free medical care for each of us in need. This is also due to the health contributions that you pay all the years of employment or the payment of contributions to the state or private. Coping with Covid in our families taught us a great lesson about the importance of a public health system in the service of Albanians. Never forget what we are continuing to experience in the war against Covid all together; forgetfulness is our fiercest enemy.

Do not forget the morality of the vote, because at the end of every action or inaction we make it possible to write together our history on the centuries-old ideal of Albanians for freedom, territorial sovereignty, national security, dignity and prosperity.

Let us not allow future generations to call us traitors of tomorrow for this nation, the land of the ancients.

Never think that one vote of yours does not matter. On the contrary, we all know that only one is enough to declare the winner.

Think and believe that your VOTE can stop the dictatorship,

can declare Albania and Albanians victorious over the depopulation, depersonalization of every Albanian, corruption, criminal clans with links to the political dome, growing illiteracy in any form, shocking unemployment,

the high debt, that kind of administration that dares to be put in the service of the power of anti-Albanian clans while violating privacy and our rights and freedoms, abusing public finances, stealing public assets, destroying natural resources ...

Let us not allow Albania to be killed by this kind of politicians and mercenary courts behind them!

I, YOU, by voting wisely and responsibly, can achieve all these objectives. Believe it!

* Dr. Majlinda Keta is a Lecturer at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Sciences