Albania to Ease Anti- Pandemic Measures Step by Step Starting from June 1

"The effect of vaccination is being felt. In this situation the Committee of Experts thinks there is room for easing the restrictions measures," said Dr. Mira Rakacolli, Deputy Health Minister and chairman of the Technical Committee of Experts, which met on Thursday to introduce new anti-COVID measures.

Earlier on Wednesday Prime Minister Edi Rama said that the pandemic situation was improving creating room to ease the restrictions measures and warned that the Committee of Experts would take relevant measures in compliance with the situation.

Below are the new measures unveiled by Rakacolli:

From June 1:

- The obligation to maintain a protective mask outdoors is removed. The obligation to wear the mask indoors as well as in public transport places will continue. It is recommended to wear the mask wherever social distance cannot be maintained as well as for those who have not yet done the two doses of vaccine that are considered persons at risk.

-Curfew time will be postponed to 23:00 -06: 00.

-Nightclubs and discos will continue to be closed. Music will be allowed until 22:00.


From June 15:

- The number of people in outdoor gatherings increases up to 50 people from 10 now. But it is warned that the rules of social distance in accordance with the protocols of the Institute of Public Health (IPH) should be respected.

From July 1:

- Curfew time is postponed to 24.00 -06: 00. The schedule for the music does not change, so it will remain at 22:00.

- Sports championships are allowed with the presence of fans with reduced capacities up to 30% according to the IPH protocol.

-Activities of theaters, artistic and cultural performances, conferences are allowed, with a reduced capacity of up to 30% of spectators or participants, according to IPH protocols.

"Despite the reduced numbers of the infected and fatalities, the pandemic is not over even though test positivity remains low. It is important to continue to wear masks, maintain social distance and hygiene," said new Socialist MP Fico, a member of the Committee. /