Albania's Majority Proposes to Talk on New Name of President with DP

"We are ready to listen to the Democratic Party (DP) on the proposals for the name of the president," said State Minister for Parliamentary Relations Elisa Spiropali, who stated on Sunday on a local TV that President Ilir Meta had removed himself with his shameful behavior.
Spiropali stressed that the majority will do everything to dismiss Meta as head of state so that the Presidency can be returned to the citizens.
"We are not enemies, nor are the DP leaders our enemies. A healthy opposition would be a good thing for them and for us, even for Albania. Ilir Meta is removed," she said.
Spiropali underlined that the SP has invited the DP to cooperate on issues related to the country's European integration.
"We have EU integration as an absolute priority. It is the most normal thing in the world that every majority and minority in every country has priorities. Let us not speak without thinking by distorting the reality in foreign languages, by changing this reality. We should debate for the good of democracy.
In addition she revealed that the majority had left a blank sheet in front of the DP and told them to write down what they wanted.
The Socialist minister rejected all the complaints of the opposition on irregularities during the elections and according to her it's unfortunate that Basha plays the old game saying the same things
to his supporters. "Going to the authorities of complaints (KAS) without evidence is an unprecedented act," Spiropali said.