Albania's Top Prosecutor Orders Professional Probe of April 25 'Electoral Crimes'

"Prosecutors have been asked to respond quickly to the processes regarding the investigation of electoral crimes," pkhas said the chief prosecutor, Olsian Cela.
The Attorney General, Cela focused on what he referred to as electoral crimes during the April 25 general election process which were won by the ruling Socialist Party (SP) defeating the opposition Democratic Party (DP) 74 to 59 seats in the 140-member Parliament expected to be constituted in the first half of next September.
Cela said he had encouraged all district prosecutors across the country to investigate cases in full transparency and to transmit the results to the public.
"It is important that the investigation is accompanied by a transparent process for the public to be clear and have full information on what the prosecution has done. We must be credible thanks to the integrity of prosecutors and the prosecution," he said.
DP and its ally Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) have said they will not recognize the elections and have filed many complaints with the prosecution under the claim of electoral crimes.
"The issue of elections is an issue that affects many prosecutors in judicial districts and has an impact throughout the country, so the result of any investigation is important. It is important that the investigation is comprehensive and conducted in a timely manner so that the results are made available for the public opinion. We have communicated with

the prosecutors of the judicial districts several times and they have been offered support to conduct full and professional investigations related to the elections," said Cela./